What are the properties of the copper mould tube?

In order to improve the wear resistance of the chromium coating and prolong the life of the mold copper tube, the 0.4-0.5mm thick nickel-cobalt alloy coating is added between the inner surface of the mold copper tube and the chromium plating layer as a transition layer. So it is called nickel-cobalt alloy-hard chromium coating. Referred to as composite copper plated pipe. The metal content is: the hardness of the coating is 300-600HV.

  Ni-Co alloy coating has good chemical corrosion resistance, thermal corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It not only blocks the diffusion of Zn, S, Cd and F in the molten steel to the inner surface of the copper tube of the mold. Moreover, it acts as a binder between the inner surface of the copper tube of the mold and the chrome-plated layer, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the chrome-plated layer. In addition, after the chrome plating layer is worn, the nickel-cobalt alloy plating layer can continue to work in place of the chrome plating layer, thereby prolonging the service life of the copper tube of the mold.

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