Characteristics of mold copper tube

Mold copper tubes are highly technical in their field. Maybe everyone doesn’t know the function and function of the mold copper tube, let’s learn about it today.

Crystalline copper tube has a very wide range of functions and plays a very important role in industrial manufacturing. For example, crystalline copper tubes are used in the manufacture of ships, ships, automobiles and refrigerators.

The main features of high-efficiency continuous casting mold copper tube: high-efficiency continuous casting mold has good thermal conductivity, high recrystallization temperature, thermal fatigue resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, and long service life. The main feature of the high-efficiency continuous casting mold copper tube is that the copper tube has the best comprehensive performance.

The characteristics of the explosion-shaped mold copper tube: The conical mold copper tube can be manufactured by simulation processing or pressure forming of the inner core and the outer mold. The simulated processing destroys the structure of the copper and affects the service life. Special processing equipment is required to process complex cones. Increased manufacturing costs.
Pressure forming produces large cut ends and tails with low copper yields. The copper tube of the explosive copper mould tube can be made into multiple tapers and a small round angle of the inner cavity, which is especially beneficial to the repair of the used copper mould tube.

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