What are the production requirements for the copper mould tube?

The copper mould tube is an indispensable configuration in the casting process. It is the key component of the continuous casting machine. It can prevent the leakage of molten steel during use, and can ensure the thickness of the product under the condition of ensuring the pull-out speed. So, in order to achieve such a function, what characteristics should the crystallizer used require?

  1. Generally speaking, in order to rapidly solidify molten steel, the mold wall must have good thermal conductivity and water cooling conditions.

  2. In order to make the shape of the billet correct, do not affect the billet due to crystal deformation, the crystal must have sufficient rigidity.

  3. In order not to bond the solidified primary body and the inner wall of the mold, the friction force is small, the mold should reciprocate up and down during the pouring, and add lubricant.

  4. The crystallizer should be simple in structure and light in weight.

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