How to judge the expiration life of mold copper tube?

Mold is an important equipment of continuous casting machine, which plays an important role in the solidification and forming of molten steel. In the process of continuous casting, the inner surface of the copper tube of the mold is in contact with the high-temperature molten steel. Under the comprehensive influence of chemical corrosion, thermal erosion and friction with the green body of the molten steel, the copper tube is prone to thermal deformation and surface damage. It affects the smooth progress of continuous casting production and deteriorates the quality of the green body. Due to the different types of production and management systems, the standards for discarding mold copper tubes of iron and steel manufacturers are also different. The life of the mold is usually determined by the amount of steel passing through the mold. The determination of the life of the copper tube of the mold is mainly based on two important parameters, namely, the reverse taper and the amount of wear. In fact, these two parameters also affect each other.


In order to eliminate or reduce the influence of the air gap, the inner cavity of the mold should be designed with a certain reverse taper according to the different shrinkage characteristics of the steel and the degree of thermal deformation of the copper plate. The selection of the reverse taper of the mold should follow the solidification shrinkage characteristics of the steel grade. The shape of the mold cavity should greatly adapt to the actual shape of the solidified body in the mold, reduce the thickness of the gap in the entire mold, and improve the heat transfer effect of the mold. Ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the blank in the mold and the thickness of the blank at the bottom of the mold. After the copper tube is used, if the inspection span cannot repair the inverse taper of the mold to the standard range required by the steel mill, it will be judged to be crystallized.

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