Copper mould tube life


The copper mould tube is the core equipment of the continuous casting machine, which is responsible for the solidification and forming of molten steel. During the continuous casting process, the inner surface of the copper tube of the copper mould tube is in contact with the high-temperature molten steel, and is subject to the combined effects of chemical corrosion, thermal erosion, and friction between the molten steel and the shell, and the copper tube is prone to thermal deformation and surface scratches. , affecting the continuous casting production and deteriorating the quality of the slab.

Keyword: Copper mould tube life

copper mould tube life

The life of the mold is usually calibrated by the amount of steel passing through the mold. The judgment of the life of the mold copper tube is mainly based on two important parameters, namely the reverse taper and the amount of wear. In fact, these two parameters also affect each other.

In order to eliminate or reduce the influence of the air gap, the cavity of the copper mould tube should be designed with a certain reverse taper according to the different shrinkage characteristics of the steel and the degree of thermal deformation of the copper plate of the  mould tube . The selection of  mould tube  reverse taper should follow the following principles: the solidification shrinkage characteristics of the steel grade, the shape of the inner cavity of the  mould tube  should be adapted to the actual shape of the solidified billet shell in the  mould tube  to the greatest extent, so that the thickness of the air gap in the entire  mould tube  can be minimized , to improve the heat transfer effect of the crystallizer to ensure the uniformity of the shell thickness in the mold and the thickness of the shell at the bottom of the mold. After the copper tube is used, if the overhaul span can no longer repair the reverse taper of the mold to the standard range required by the steel mill, it is determined that the life of the copper tube of the mold has expired.

The existence of the reverse taper improves the heat transfer efficiency of the mold, but at the same time increases the friction between the casting slab and the copper tube at the lower part of the mold, which requires that the inner surface of the copper tube should have good wear resistance. A nickel-based coating with a thickness of 0.06~0.08mm is added to the inner surface of the copper tube, and the life of the crystallizer is considered to be expired when the wear amount of the lower mouth exceeds 1mm.

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