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2022/11/22 LMM GROUP arrived at the Spanish steel plant and conducted an after-sales visit around the use of mold copper tube products.
Reconfirmed with the steel mill a) the sampling size of our raw material inspection; b) the heating time and temperature during heat treatment.
The customer wants to increase the casting speed in 2023. We have provided professional analysis and solutions for increasing the casting speed and CMT life. The client consulted us to design the plan to prepare for next year.


The specific plan is as follows
Increase pulling speed:
EAF: (Increase output by reducing smelting time, 30min/furnace), scrap heating+melting iron method can also reduce smelting time
CCM: (Increase output and efficiency by increasing pulling speed, 5m/s)
Rolling mill: (eg. high line 100m/s)

What factors affect the life of CMT:
a)casting powder: different mold slag types for different steel grades
b)water jacket+CMT: To ensure a good cooling effect, our water jacket improves the use effect through material and precision. The material is SS3 series non-common carbon steel material, which can be more conducive to electromagnetic stirring, improve accuracy assurance and CMT cooling Effect.
c) cooling water: by controlling PH, pressure, inlet and outlet temperature to ensure the cooling effect
d) Taper: Different pulling speeds, different steel types, different taper designs, guaranteed life
e) casting speed: casting speed matching
f) Secondary cooling: guaranteed service life
g) Composite coating: Ni-Co-Cr improves lifespan


The customer also agreed with this, and thanked the customer for the warm hospitality that made this visit a complete success, and looked forward to the next meeting.

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