What is the role of continuous casting mold slag powder?

TItle:What is the role of continuous casting mold slag powder?

Description:Briefly explain the 5 aspects of mold slag powder and what is mold slag powder

Keywords:mold slag powder

During the pouring process, powdery or granular slag is continuously added to the molten steel surface of the mold, which is called mold slag powder. The role of mold powder has the following aspects:

(1) Thermal insulation to prevent heat dissipation;

(2) Separate the air to prevent the oxygen in the air from entering the molten steel to cause secondary oxidation, which will affect the quality of the steel;

(3) Absorb and dissolve the inclusions floating up from the molten steel to the steel slag interface to purify the molten steel;

(4) There is a layer of slag film between the mold wall and the solidified shell for lubrication, reducing the resistance of the drawing, and preventing the adhesion of the solidified shell and the copper plate;

(5) Fill the air gap between the blank shell and the mold to improve the heat transfer of the mold.

A good mold flux should be able to fully play the role of the above five aspects in order to achieve the purpose of improving the surface quality of the cast slab and ensuring the smooth progress of continuous casting.

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