What are the requirements for the production of mold copper tubes?

As the heart of the continuous casting machine, the copper tube of the mold is self-evident, and its manufacturing technical requirements are also very high. Currently, most crystalline copper tubes are produced using concave and convex dies on horizontal or obsolete presses.

The key to the manufacturing process of the mold copper tube lies in its fit with the mold. That is to say, the size of the inner cavity must fully conform to the manufacturing accuracy of the mold.

  Factors affecting stickiness:

  1. Appropriate wall thickness deformation.
When the deformation of the copper tube of the mold becomes smaller during the extrusion deformation, the inner surface cannot produce enough plastic deformation, and the copper tube is not filmed. The larger the amount of deformation, the larger the extrusion resistance, and it is easy to straighten the formed tube wall. Therefore, the selection of the deformation amount of the mold copper tube is very important.

  2. Eliminate the internal stress of copper tube forming.
Cause of internal stress: In the extrusion deformation of the copper tube with large wall thickness, the deformation amount of the inner and outer surfaces is different. The outer metal is elongated, the inner surface deformation is small or unchanged, and the internal stress of the tube is large. During subsequent processing, these internal stresses are released and the copper tube is deformed. Therefore, in the molding process of the mold copper tube, technical measures should be adopted to eliminate internal stress.

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