How to prevent oxidation of mold copper tube?

The mold copper tube has good thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity, but it is easy to oxidize in the air. The use of antioxidants, also known as copper antioxidants, can improve the discoloration and oxidation resistance of mold copper tubes. A passivation film is formed on its surface to prevent the surface from darkening and to improve corrosion resistance, discoloration and oxidation resistance. And does not affect the welding performance. In particular, mold copper tubes are used, which are passivated after grinding. The stock solution in the amount of antioxidant used can be used as it is. Antioxidant protection agent is the last antioxidation process in copper polishing process. During use, the workpiece should be immersed in the drug and shake slightly so that the workpiece can fully contact the drug. Antioxidants have no irritating odor, simple operation and high production efficiency. However, after the workpiece is treated with the liquid, it must be cleaned with clean water or pure water, otherwise it will affect the surface of the workpiece.

The anti-oxidation technical process of the copper tube of the crystallizer is: degreasing→washing twice→grinding or sulfuric acid activation 10%→washing twice→antioxidation treatment→washing twice→drying.

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