The amount of steel passing through the copper mould tube of the mold is greatly increased

After the 165*165 billet transformation of the 2# continuous casting machine in the continuous casting workshop of the steelmaking plant, the workshop seeks to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve the utilization rate of equipment, and effectively control costs and increase the quality of maintenance from two aspects: standardized operation and improved maintenance quality. Benefit work, in which the large increase in the amount of steel passing through the copper tube of the mold is the most prominent one.

  • Standard operation to ensure the life of copper tube mold

Standardized operation is a necessary condition to ensure the healthy and stable operation of equipment. According to the actual operating conditions, the workshop continuously improves the standardization content of the subcontracting work, improves the theoretical knowledge of the personnel through the study before and after the shift, organizes technical competitions to improve the practical operation ability of the personnel, and combines the training method of “theory + practical operation” to enable 2 # There was no steel leakage accident in the whole month of September, and the amount of steel passing through the copper tube of the mold also increased, and the replacement frequency decreased, which substantially reduced the consumption of copper tubes.

  • Fine maintenance improves quality

The mold is the key equipment for forming the billet of the continuous casting machine, which is called the “heart” of the continuous casting equipment, and must be carefully repaired in the daily maintenance. In order to ensure that the gap between the steel pipe and the water jacket is uniform, the relevant personnel have discussed and studied many times, and continuously improved and improved the maintenance method of the mold, so that the water gaps on all sides are 4mm. At the beginning of September, the continuous casting workshop installed an offline mold water pressure test device in the mold maintenance area to ensure that the on-line mold will not leak water, and strive to maintain the “heart” of continuous casting to the best condition. The 2# machine has achieved a good result of no steel breakout accident in the whole month, and the high-precision assembly of the mold is indispensable.

According to the recent records of the use of copper tubes in the crystallizer, it was found that the average amount of steel passing through copper tubes in September was 676 tons higher than that in August. level. All employees of the continuous casting workshop of the steelmaking plant will continue to implement various measures to increase production, maintain quality, reduce consumption and create benefits.


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