Plate mold

Main feature:
01. The plate crystallizer technology is currently the most advanced crystallizer technology in the world. It only requires a very small amount of raw steam (a small amount of raw steam is required when starting up, and almost no longer needs raw steam during normal operation), which greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise. reduce environmental pollution.
  02. Compared with traditional evaporators, the temperature difference is much smaller due to the use of compressors to provide heat source, which can achieve mild evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce scaling.
  03. No condenser or condenser with a small area is required, the structure and process are very simple, fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable.
  04. The equipment is equipped with a CIP cleaning pipeline, which can realize on-site cleaning. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate and has no dead ends.
  05. The crystallizer evaporates the material at low temperature (evaporation temperature 45℃-75℃) and does not produce foam. The material and liquid are uniform, do not run off the material, not easy to coke, and the material is heated with minimal denaturation.

  Because of different production batches and specific models, the above pictures are for reference only. For details, please contact our sales staff for specific verification.