Crystalline assembly

In order to obtain a qualified slab, the basic conditions that the mold assembly should meet are:
  (1) It has good thermal conductivity, so that the molten steel can be rapidly condensed and formed.
  (2) It has good wear resistance to prolong the life of the mold, reduce the maintenance workload and the time of replacing the mold, and improve the operation rate of the continuous casting machine.
  (3) It has sufficient rigidity, especially in the case of chilling and heating and large temperature gradient, it needs to have small deformation.
(4) The structure is simple and compact, easy to manufacture, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to adjust, and the cooling water circuit can be connected by itself to facilitate rapid replacement; the self-weight is small, so as to reduce the inertial force when the mold vibrates and reduce the drive of the vibration device power, and make the crystallizer vibrate smoothly.

  Because of different production batches and specific models, the above pictures are for reference only. For details, please contact our sales staff for specific verification.