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Continuous casting sector section

The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into a slab with a certain cross-sectional shape and a certain size is called continuous steel casting. The equipment required to complete this process is called continuous casting equipment. The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of steel pouring equipment, continuous casting machine body equipment, cutting area equipment, dummy rod collection and conveying equipment constitutes the core equipment of continuous steel casting, which is customarily called a continuous caster.

The sector section is one of the important links in the production process of the continuous casting machine. The main function of the sector section is to guide the cast slab pulled out from the support guide section and prevent the shell of the cast slab from bulging deformation under the static pressure of the molten steel. At the same time, the cast slab with the liquid core continues to be cooled by water spray or gas-water atomization, so that the cast slab continues to be spray-cooled until the slab is completely condensed and stops. The cast slab is pulled out and straightened into a slab through the driving wheels placed on each segment; the segments also play the role of guiding, transporting and clamping the dummy bar for pouring and drawing. A complete sector segment is mainly composed of inner and outer arc structures, rod installation (including driving rod and free wheel), clamping guide equipment, driving wheel pressing equipment, rod gap adjustment equipment, water cooling, lubrication, hydraulic piping, etc.
Some sector sections are also equipped with two side structures. The side structures are fixed on the outer arc structure, and the mixed joint adjustment equipment is fixed on the side structures. The side structure has the function of guiding the upper structure. A hanging shaft for lifting the sector section is installed above the side structure. The side structure and outer arc structure are also equipped with guide shafts for replacing the sector section.
The single continuous casting machine that forms the continuous casting line in continuous casting production is generally called a sector section, which is generally divided into arc section (or curved section), straightening section, horizontal section, etc. According to the different casting billets, they can be divided into slab sector sections, square billet sector sections and round billet sector sections. Commonly seen in production are slab sector sections and billet sector sections.
The sector section of the continuous casting machine plays the role of supporting and guiding the slab. It is the equipment that is in direct contact with the slab during the condensation process. It has a great influence on the surface quality and internal quality of the slab. The primary purpose of sector control is to ensure accurate and stable roll gaps according to process requirements.

Multiple continuous casting machine moving parts Detail of the moving parts of the continuous casting machine

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Special product design, please send specific data and drawings to our mailbox or form.

Special product design, please send specific data and drawings to our mailbox or form.